Pelican Rugby

As a former player for the Pelicans and a current “old boy”, I try my best to capture as many of the team’s games as possible. This is the master list of all the games and Pelican events that I have shot.

Florida Rugby Championships 2024

Pelicans vs Boca Raton – April 6th 2024

Pelicans vs Ft. Lauderdale – March 22nd 2024

Tropical 7s – March 29th 2024

Pelicans vs Bahamas December 12th 2023

Pelicans vs Krewe – October 27th 2023

Mongo Celebration Of Life

Florida State Championships 2023

Pelicans vs Boca Raton – April 1st 2023

Pelicans vs Krewe – March 25th 2023

Pelicans vs Naples – March 18th 2023

Pelicans vs Orlando – February 25th 2023

Pelicans vs Krewe / Miami – February 18th 2023

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